NLE Ninja Effects Tutorial (PPro CS6): Working Faster in Premiere Pro 2

This is the NLE Ninja and I’m here to offer some tips to help you work faster in Premiere Pro CS6. I’ve provided some useful links below if you are new user or if you need a refresher. The tips are time stamped so if you need to look at a specific tip you can click on it. Watch, learn, subscribe and enjoy!

Tips in Order
1. Remapping Shortcuts for Everything (1:04)
2. Nested Sequences (1:49)
3. Anchor Point and Position Values (4:37)
4. Turn Anything w/ Transparency into Adjustment Layer (5:40)
5. Turn off Work Area Bar (8:17)
6. Opt/Alt Drag Duplicates (9:01)
7. Uninterrupted Playback and Beat Cutting (9:51)

NLE Ninja CS6 Shortcuts:

Adobe Help:… Premiere Pro Essential Training:…

Josh Weiss (ReTooled.Net Website):

Andrew Devis Premiere Pro CS6 Basics:


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