LucaVisualFX Plugin Training Series: Film Leaders

I was recently asked by the developer of LucaVisualFX, to create a plugin training series for his excellent plug-ins so users could understand the depths to which his plug-ins can enhance their projects. Here is the first video of the training series, Film Leaders. Take a look!


2 thoughts on “LucaVisualFX Plugin Training Series: Film Leaders

  1. Kes, very thorough tutorial. I like how you talked about how blend modes (and which ones) could sell the effect better. I’m a big fan of Luca and I’ve been using this plugin since it came out. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your tutes in this series.

    • Thanks for the comment, Eric. Been in contact with Luca for the last few months and he personally asked me to create a tutorial series for his plugins. I was honored to have this opportunity from one of my favorite plugin developers. Like you, his plugins have bailed me out of more situations than I can count. I’ll continue with more soon, old friend.

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