Film Impact Transition Pack 1 Overview

Here is an overview tutorial video I did on Film Impact’s Transition Pack 1. Having discovered these wonderful transitions some months ago, I use that frequently on client work I do in Premiere Pro since I migrated my bigger projects from FCP 7. These cross platform transitions are a must have for any current and new Premiere Pro user who needs those creative transitions that make an impact on their edits. It was a great opportunity to create this overview video and have the developer of Film Impact, Jaap, provide me with help and constructive criticism to explain how these transitions tick. Can’t wait til future packs come out and I have the opportunity to explain how those work. Take a look!


2 thoughts on “Film Impact Transition Pack 1 Overview

    • That’s great to hear. I use them a lot myself in my work. I have Avid FX 5.8 but haven’t upgraded to 6 yet. Haven’t spent much time with it but will try in the coming months. Need a new computer to handle its awesomeness. I know Boris Red and Boris Fx v10 has a transition that works in Premiere Pro and gives you real time previews which is cool.

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