Rampant Media Design Review

A little over a year ago, I came across a site which sold royalty free stock footage elements and After Effects templates at a great rate. They are Rampant Media Design. As a fan of many popular royalty free sites such as Digital Juice, Videohive and Artbeats, I knew I was in for treat for when I looked at this one. The brainchild of awarding winning editor/motion graphic artist Sean Mullen and friends, they have set out to become one of the fastest rising royalty free stock elements companies in the U.S. Since their inception, they have expanded their product line to include many more items. They now sell sound effects, royalty free music tracks and stock elements that can enhance your videos in seconds. Best part is their motion graphic elements are shot in 1080p HD-4K using RED cameras which give them great resolution for tackling SD and HD projects. On more than one occasion, I can personally say their products have saved my ass. Projects I’ve worked on we’re always missing a certain element to be complete and the minute I went to my vast Rampant libraries, I found the missing piece of the puzzle. Below are a few of examples of where Rampant elements took my projects to the next level.

Since meeting the people behind Rampant Media Design at NAB in April, I’ve enjoyed a great relationship with company and have been a frequent supporter on the social media front from sharing their posts on Facebook to retweeting any and all of their tweets on Twitter. Also, in the near future I plan to contribute to their growing collection tutorials with the likes of Kevin P. McAuliffe, Casey Faris, Josh McDarris and more. Overall, I can say this with all honesty that whenever they introduce a new product, I’m just thinking how soon until I add it to my expanding collection. So if you are ever in a creative jam and need that one element that would complete your project, I suggest that you check out Rampant Media Design. Once you do that, I guarantee you’ll run Rampant with creativity and receive great client satisfaction. If you don’t believe me take a look at some of these great product promos below. #RunRampant


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