NLE Ninja Edits Volume 3

NLE Ninja Edits X Volume 3 Screenshot

Hey everyone. I would like to present NLE Ninja Edits Volume 3. This free Premiere Pro CS6 project file contains 7 transitions, 4 effects and presets which you can download and use on your next edit. This file was made to commemorate 2 years of making video tutorials and the progress I’ve made in the community. Here’s a breakdown of each effect below:


Diagonal Stripe Passby– A transition with 2 colored stripes which slowly pass by between two clips.

Spaces Animation– This transition simulates the Mac OS function of switching between desktop views only instead it switches between clips. It features a graphic at the bottom which shows which space it’s going to.

4-Flare Transition– 4 blurred lens flares animating towards one point from 4 corners of your screen to reveal your next clip.

Fractal Zig Zag– A zig zag patterned transition with a fractal noise bars to follow each path revealing your next clip.

Media Buffer– A transition that simulates what happens when your screen freezes because your media is not done loading up yet.

X-Bar Transition– A transition where 4 bars come from the each corner of the screen to converge onto one point and then reveal your next clip.

Alt + Tab– This transition simulates what your OS does when you want to jump from open documents/applications but instead of applications you can choose as many as 1-4 clips.


iPad Overlay Animation– This effect simulates what your screen looks like when using an iPad then unlocking it.

CW Overlay– This overlay effect takes a note from the current CW promo graphics by having your clip blurred in the background and also having it in a rectangular frame slowly zooming in.

Chaos Overdrive– An effect which starts off normal and then comes in the blurred streaks and unpredictable screen shakes and zooms.

Ribbon Wall Video Display– An animated ribbon wall background that compliments the matted video displays in 3D space with an editable title at the front.

This project file is a sequel to the last one I released back in 2012. I believe from this point on, I plan to release single effect projects to keep my subscribers coming back for more. In the meantime, enjoy the promo and the free project file. Would love to see how it works for you and a tutorial explaining how to best use it is on the way.


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