Fashion Kit 01 Style Kit

If you are a fashion or make-up vlogger and you are looking for a way to make your videos stand out, then look no further than Fashion Kit 01. With this kit, you get modern & beautiful effects that fit all your fashion needs. Altogether this kit consists of 10 animated elements, 5 animated mattes, 5 transitions and 5 light effects which means that you have 25 effects to play with.

The animated elements are a mixture of concentric circles, pulsating crosses, dotted rectangles and more. If any of these elements look familiar, you may have seen elements like these in other Motion Graphics products that Rampant Design offers. Since these transparent video clips, you can add glow/fill effects and/or mix these elements together to create something unique for your project. I did a video breakdown of the Fashion Kit below which you can these animated elements in action.

The transitions in this kit range from matted transitions to passing light ones. With the matte transitions, you use a blend mode or matte effect that puts your incoming clip inside the shape of the transition. Whether you are in an NLE or compositor, these transitions should be easy to use as well as modify to create something new. I took it upon myself to create a custom transition of my own using transition 005 by duplicating it and add an effect from GenArts Sapphire.

01 Fashion Kit 01 Timeline Transition SS

02 Fashion Kit 01 Monitor & Effects Transition

The mattes and light effects in this kit are definitely something you’ll want to do if you incorporate montages or need quick split screens. These dynamic mattes will add a layer of sophistication that would otherwise not be available any other way. The light effects are equally effective in bringing a level of quality that is hard to match. I put some of the mattes to the test by using matte clip 003 and mixed it with some light effects in the background below. I placed a video clip of a model posing inside the matte using the Set Matte effect in Premiere in the example below.

03 Fashion Kit 01 Timeline Light Effects SS

04 Fashion Kit 01 Monitor & Effects Light

Overall, Fashion Kit 01 will make your fashion videos look like a million bucks. Whether you are doing a vlog show or making fashion highlights, using any effects from this kit will make your video stand out more than it ever could. f you want to see how you can utilize this kit, take a look at the training CEO Sean Mullen offers here.

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