Sport Kit 01 Style Kit

When you are working on videos that show intense training or athletes at peak performance, you need a kit of elements that will accentuate that feeling to the viewer. Well look no further than Rampant Design Tools’s Sport Kit 01. With this kit you will get fun, modern & high energy effects that will make you the envy of your fellow editors as well highlight which sports theme you are working on. Altogether, you get 5 handcrafted animated elements, 5 animated mattes, 5 light effects and 5 transitions at your disposal.

Let’s take a look at the animated elements. Each animated element is unique in that they stand out on their own. You can them individually on your video clips, add glow/fill effects or mix and combine to create something brand new. In the video breakdown I have below, you can see how I was able to mix and match the animated elements to make my video pop. The action in the clip was visually appealing as is but the animated elements took it to the next level.

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed about Rampant Design’s products are how intricate their matte products are. To create something like this from scratch could be frustrating unless you have a good eye for symmetry. Luckily, I have to do is place one of these mattes on top of my clip, use a matte effect and like magic my video clip is inside the matte.

02 Sport 01 Timeline Transition SS

01 Sport Kit 01 Matte & Effect

The set of transitions this kit has is really cool. High speed light transitions and repeating matte transitions are handy when you need to plug energy into your sport videos. Use them as they are or like the animated elements, change their color and/or mix and match them to create something brand new. In the images below, I modified one of the transitions to make it unique to my project.

03 Sport Kit 01 Monitor & Effect Transition HLS

Last but not least are the light effects which are a staple in the RDT product line. Many times when I’ve used these effects have my videos shined more than usual. Use one or more of these together and utilizing blend modes and/or opacity add a dimension of abstractness that you couldn’t replicate on your own. I mixed and match some light effects myself and came to this composite which really looks incredible.

04 Sport Kit 01 Light Effects Timeline

05 Sport Kit 01 Monitor & Effect Light Effects

Sport Kit 01 is an incredible kit worth taking a look at and investing in. It will be the smartest $19 you’ve spent and you’ll feel as if you got more than you bargained for. If you want to see how you can utilize this kit, take a look at the training CEO Sean Mullen offers here.

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