Nodes 3 Review


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It’s been four years since Nodes 2 became available and in that time it has become an invaluable tool for many motion graphic artists across the world. This intricate plugin gives user the ability to create complex motion graphics in very little regardless if you are beginner or expert motion graphic artist. You may have seen Nodes 2 being used in a variety of Hollywood blockbusters to create HUDs, geometric particles and more. In the last 4 years, the fine folks at Yanobox have been hard at work improving and innovating Nodes. With that hard work comes the release of Nodes 3.

Nodes 3 improves upon what its previous iterations were capable of doing. One noticeable improvement on this plugin is its speed and responsive. With this comprehensive plugin there came with it a caveat of being optimal on computers that were geared to handle what it can dish out. Nodes 3 does not have that issue. Speed and simplicity were key in this update with users benefiting greatly.

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A new preset browser has been introduced that gives you access to over 300 presets that can be modified to your needs and saved for later use. The Animation parameter offers a diverse set of options that allows the user to create endless animations. I can animate on the either X, Y, Z axis and/or rotate on one of those axis while simultaneously affecting the Nodes separately. To create items in the preset browser would take me ages to do from scratch but with Nodes 3, I created these examples in less than 3 minutes.

The ability to modify the parameters and see them in real time allows you to see the infinite possibilities that are available with this plugin. The revamped animation module provided 4 slots that have 40 animation parameter destinations Selecting a parameter to your heart’s content will yield different results or you can bypass all that by switching off the Animate switch.

For After Effects users, Nodes 3 plays well with the AE camera so you can orient Nodes in the 2.5D space along with using 3D models to create unique motion graphics. You can also attach null objects to the nodes and animate them as such. In this tutorial below, you can learn how to use Cinema 4D along with Nodes 3 to take things to the next level.

You can even learn how to create bar graphs quickly watching this tutorial below.

Overall, the engineers at Yanobox have outdone themselves with this iteration of Nodes and it really shows. Any editor or animator would benefit greatly from having this plugin in their toolkit. The ability to create intricate animations with easy to use parameters make Nodes 3 a must have. I encourage you to download a trial now.