Luca Visual FX Light Kit 2.0


Luca Visual FX has done it again with their line of plugins and this time in comes from updating one of their top plugins, Light Kit. Light Kit has been a collection of plugins for situations where you need abstract flashes, frantic to pulsating blinking lights or quick color stylization. With Light Kit 2.0, 7 new plugins have been added to the kit which will be mainstays for video editors and motion graphic artists alike. These included: Blinks, Color Bands, Color Boost, Night-Time, Retro Color Shader, Stylized Luma and Temperature. I’m going to go in depth how this kit has changed since the 1.0 release. With 7 new plugins added to this kit, they join the 9 original plugins (7 effects and 2 transitions) bringing the total for this kit to 16 plugins overall. I’m going to give a brief description of the plugins that caught my eye and how they can be implemented into your bag of tricks.



Blinks is a plugin that does exactly as you would expect which is that it blinks a color over time. Within this plugin, you affect the whether it blinks across the full frame or a shape in the dropdown menu.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 10.47.11 AM

You can also change the mode from it being a pulsating blink all the way to ramp down or none. Aside from that, you have the ability to change the position, scale, angle, duration, glow and much more. There are 6 presets which ship with this plugin which can be used for great starting points on the effect you are trying to achieve.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 10.51.12 AM

One of the things I like about this plugin is how flexible it is. I can use the shipped presets or create my own blinking custom image. I also like how I can easily create a blinking shape or text effect without having to do a lot of legwork to achieve as shown in this example below.

Color Booster


Color Booster is a plugin that gives your footage a boost of colors based on 2 colors, saturation and gamma. This can be a go to plugin when you need to give your footage a cinematic look without too much hassle.

You have the ability to change the color treatment mode from gradient or uniform. Gradient will color your footage based on the 2 colors of your choosing. Uniform will attempt to mix the parameters across the entire frame.

Color Bands

Color Bands adds varying blocks of alternating color across your footage. In its default form, you get about six bands of color which change color over time. You have the ability to change the style from geometric or random. Changing the overlay mode gives you the option of a simple overlay look or a more diffused look when you choose translucency. The ability to change translucency stands out as it controls how much of your footage is visible between the bands.


What stands out about this plugin to me is how simple it is to overlay a variety of colors without much complexity. Doing this from scratch can be a tedious manner with layer management and blend modes not cooperating. With this easy to use plugin, I worry less about the tediousness of layer management and focus more on the creative options that await me.

Retro Color Shader


Retro Color Shader is an effect that works great when you have footage that features landscapes and/or nature sites and you want to give it a retro/vintage feel similar to filters found in Instagram. With this effect, you have the ability to reposition where lights are coming from as well as their position overall. If you are an FCPX user, you have the ability to manipulate these parameters via the OSC.

Night Time

Night-Time should be your go to effect for times when you need to mimic a day for night shot. Users have the ability to affect highlights, midtowns, shadows and other parameters to achieve the night time shot they are looking for. One parameter to keep on eye is luminosity. It controls the light in the whole image.


Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 11.04.27 AM

This effect does as it says which is it allows you to modify the temperature of your image. Whether you need to make image warmer or cooler, this effect helps you achieve. Be careful not to overdo it in some of the parameters as it could result in an undesirable image.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 11.13.04 AM

Stylized Luma

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 11.18.25 AM

This effect is great for when you need to stylize the highlights in your image. Within this effect, you have the ability to create a subtle diffused look, volumetric zoom blur, motion blur or an isolated color look. This effect works great when combined with the Temperature effect as it can help turn images that maybe overexposed or bright into more appealing shots.

One thing to note about this update is that the UI has been overhauled for FCPX. More options are available to get the look you want than were available from Light Kit 1.0. Parameters vary from plugin to plugin but users now have greater control than they did before.

If you are looking for a plugin that offers quick color styles, pulsating light flashes or the ability to have multiple colors blend into your footage, look no further than Light Kit 2.0. Powered by FxFactory’s engine, all you have to do is download it to try it out for yourself. Light Kit 1.0 users can upgrade to this new version for $29. Email to get details on this offer.

Luca Visual FX 4K HUD Elements


It’s 2017 and with that comes new products and possibilities for those of us in the post production industry. One new product of interest is the new 4K HUD Elements from Luca Visual FX. Luca and his team have outdone themselves by creating a library of heads up display elements that can be mixed and matched to the user’s content. With a library of 137 2D and 3D assets in 4K resolution, this product offers 7 distinct categories of motion graphics which can be a versatile solution for any project.

It is compatible with the following software on Mac & PC:

– Final Cut Pro X
– Adobe Premiere Pro
– Adobe After Effects
– Apple Motion
– Avid Media Composer
– DaVinci Resolve
– HitFilm
– Sony Vegas

In this tutorial, Luca showcases the possibilities that you can create with this product using Final Cut Pro X. As stated above, this product will work will in your editing software of choice.

I had the opportunity to try this product out myself and see what I could create. I will highlight some examples and possibilities that I created which I hope will inspire you to add this product to your growing post production library.

7 Categories & Access

As I said before, this product is separated into 7 categories: Data Cruncher, Energy, Frames, Arms & Lower Thirds, Meters & Gauges, Navigation, Targeting and Miscellaneous. With each category, you are presented with unique elements which can be manipulated at will. With each element being 4K resolution, you have the ability to manipulate the size and look of each element to get the desired result.

When you purchase this product, you will be emailed login details to access the HUD Elements 4K Library which grants 24/7 access. With that access you can download each clip you need to add to your project of choice. These motion graphics are rendered at either the Animation codec, ProRes 4444 or H.264 so you know they are flexible depending on your operating system and editing software of choice.

Motion Tracking

From the demo video you see above, these motion graphics are great for motion tracking to moving objects or people. I have an example of a soccer player kicking a ball in slow motion. In After Effects, I tracked his motion using Mocha Pro and attached HUD Elements to the ball to act like it’s tracking it velocity as well as the player to identify his name and position.

With the HUD Elements tracked to this clip, I’m able to add more production value and make this clip even better than it was before. For my example, I went a step further and keyed out the player the clear blue sky. With player keyed out, I inserted one of the grid elements along with a glow filter and was able to create a cool transition from the normal clip to this awesome composite highlighting the player’s abilities.

Custom Visual Effects

Along with motion tracking, one of the principle ideas behind this product is what you can combine to create something unique. One thing I was able to pull off was creating a portal effect using one of the tunnel clips with the particle rings clips along with footage from SternFX and a 3D model from Element 3D.

This visual effect can be useful for a project which requires my subjects to travel between dimensions and I was able to pull it off very easily without spending too much time creating it from scratch.

The next visual effect I created featured a holographic cell phone call. With some green screen footage and the HUD elements, I was able to track the man’s motion and project a holographic HUD from where his phone was. I accomplished the projection path using the Point Zoom plugin from Red Giant Universe.

The last motion graphic I created featured combining multiple HUD elements to create a custom interface which could be used for any screens. Using various colors and glows, I was able to make certain HUD elements distinguished from each other and pop out more. Great thing about these elements being 4K is despite scaling them down, the quality is still maintained.

Overall, mixing and matching these elements as well as combining them with your favorite filters should create unique results you can reuse over and over again.

Based on my experiences using this product, I believe 4K HUD Elements is something that editors and motion graphic artists are going to want to add to their toolbox. The versatility these elements offer and the production value they add are undeniable. Try them out today!

Luca Visual FX Backgrounds & Overlays

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 10.29.30 PM

The team at Luca Visual FX has brought another product to the market which will benefit professionals across Mac and PC platforms. It is the incredible and extraordinary Backgrounds & Overlays. This product is an extremely versatile collection of 100 HD clips which are an indispensable addition to any editor’s library.

It is compatible with the following software:

  • Final Cut Pro 7/X
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Apple Motion
  • Avid Media Composer
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • HitFilm
  • Sony Vegas

I had a chance to test drive this new product and outline what is possible with them.

What are Backgrounds & Overlays?


It is a vast collection of 100 Full HD dynamic motion graphic clips designed to be used as backgrounds and/or overlays for a variety of projects. Productions they are useful for are but not limited to include: promos, VJing, music videos, sports, news, corporate and much more. On the dedicated web page at the Luca Visual FX site, you can preview the entire collection and see what each background has to offer.

What are some of the best ways to customize these clips?

Editors can use blend modes from their host programs, change the speed rate, scale, crop, position or add any third party filter or built in effects to customize these clips. Also, stacking several instances of Backgrounds & Overlays allows the creation of complex and beautiful effects by simply using blend modes. Use effects such as blurring and distorting effects to maximize your customization. In this clip, I have some creative examples I have created to showcase how far you can push these clips.

To see how these clips can be manipulated and integrated into your projects, take a look at this tutorial where I show you how to use them with footage and text:

Is it possible to get the Backgrounds & Overlays in a different format?


All files are delivered as .mov files so as long as the user has Quicktime installed everything should work correctly. If you need further assistance, you can contact customer support here.

Can you list some scenarios where these clips work best in?

Overlay #3 (0;00;00;00)

As mentioned above, they can be used for a variety of video projects. Here is a list of effects that I’ve done which you can try out yourself:

  • Video inside of text or shapes effect
  • Text backgrounds
  • Feathered shape overlays
  • Heads up displays
  • Frames and borders
  • Picture and picture background
  • Lower thirds
  • 2D & 3D animation inserts
  • And many more effects

Overall, I believe that Backgrounds & Overlays will be a product that users will turn to when they need amp up their productions. With the dynamic range of motion graphics and the fully customizable options that are available, the sky is the limit with creative opportunities. I strongly recommend that you download some of the demo watermarked clips if you have not already and see what you’ve been missing. They are now available for download on the web page of Backgrounds & Overlays.

The launch price of Backgrounds & Overlays is $49.  Don’t miss out on this versatile product line.

For readers of this article, LVFX is offering a 10% off coupon when you make a purchase using this coupon code: BO2015S

Nodes 2 from Yanobox


Avengers. Ender’s Game. Iron Man 3. Rise of the Planet of the Apes. These are just a few films that have had the opportunity to utilize the plugin that is known as Nodes. With the release of Nodes 2, Yanobox has upped the ante with what this plugin can do. This motion graphic tool can import 3D models, interact with the After Effects camera, link text and images to individual nodes and so much more. The best part is that it supports the most popular editing and compositing programs on the market which include the following: After Effects, Motion, Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro. If you don’t believe how awesome and intricate this plugin is, well then take a look at this demo below.

I’ve had a chance to try out Nodes 2 myself and I was extremely impressed with how quickly I was able to pick it up. Here are a few quick examples of what I was able to create on my own which to my surprised rendered real fast on my iMac.

Overall, Nodes 2 is an incredible plugin that needs to be experienced firsthand to admire the depth it has. With this plugin, I am to create breathtaking and stylized motion graphics that would require multiple plugins and tinkering to achieve look the Nodes can create effortlessly. The fine folks of Noise Industries have provided very detailed tutorials for your favorite software application which you can check out here.

If you are looking for a plugin that imports stunning 3D models, build networks of node structures and allows you to create an limitless amount of text and image connections then look no further than Yanobox Nodes 2. At the price of $299, it’s a no brainer purchase that will save you hours of work and allow you to explore more creative depths than you can imagine.